Club Kawana Radio Yachts Inc.

We sail the International One Meter Class and the RC Laser

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the club? - Fill in a Membership Application found here Membership Application

How much does a boat cost? - A boat can cost anywhere from $1000 to $4500 depending on the quality of the boat

Where can I get a boat? - there are boats for sale on the club website as well as the national site . We suggest that before you buy have a talk with us for some guidance.

When and where does the club sail? - go to this link where and when we sail Club Kawana Radio Yachting sails on Lake Kawana every Tuesday and Saturday commencing at 1 p.m. On alternate Saturdays we have a fun day for fine tuning your boat and skills, with handicap and scratch racing.

Do I need to know how to sail? - no - club members are more than happy to give you pointers. Don’t worry if you have never sailed model yachts before – many of our members when they first joined were in a similar position. Learning how to basically sail them and control them takes around half to three quarters of an hour’s tuition although much practice is needed to sail them well of course. Nevertheless, plenty of help and guidance is available from experienced skippers who are always happy to assist you and let you have a go

What are the rules for the boats we sail? - The International One Metre Class (IOM) is an International radio sailing class and has a strong International following. The class rules are very tight with three one design rigs permitted and restrictions on construction materials, overall and ballast weight, and draft. There is a maximum overall length of one metre and a minimum weight of 4 Kg. These rules are aimed at controlling costs and enabling the amateur builder to produce a competitive yacht.

Who can I contact for advice?