1. Handicaps:- All competitors to be advised of their handicaps. New members and visitors are to start on Scratch in their first heat.

2. Sailing Course:- Explain the course and number of laps to be sailed. Eleven heats of which 10 to count for points score. Approximately 10 minute break after 6 heats.

3. Start and stop tape/cd.

4. Starting: - Yachts starting early must return around either end of start line and restart. Competitors not starting or retiring during race must notify OOD. Yachts to keep clear of starting/finishing line unless starting or finishing.

5. Finishing: - First place to call the sail number when crossing the finish line. OOD to adjudicate on close finishes.

6. Adjust handicaps and advise competitors of these changes.

7. Penalties: - If an infringement occurs, a penalty turn must be done as soon as possible (normally within 10 seconds) when clear of other yachts.

  1. If you hit the buoy the penalty will be a 360 degree turn;

  2. A penalty in case of collision will be a two turn penalty (720) . If a right of way boat avoids a collision then the give way boat must do a one turn penalty (360).

  3. All other infringements will incur a 720 degree turn,

For example

(1) failure to give way to the starboard boat,

(2) Hooking up with the starboard boat,

(3) A windward boat shall keep clear of a leeward boat,

(4) A clear astern boat shall keep clear of a boat clear ahead,

N.b. these are only some of the more common infringements, not a complete list.

Failure to complete penalty turn will incur a DSQ by the OOD for that race.

Remember, a boat shall compete in a sportsmanlike way and by fair play. A boat must retire if it has caused damage or gained a significant advantage by breach of the rules.


(1) a boat shall avoid contact if reasonably possible, and

(2) a right-of-way boat changing course shall give other boats room to keep clear.

For example, when rounding a buoy do not immediately tack so that a boat behind has no time to avoid collision.

7. Control Area: - Behind the path

8. Smoking: - No smoking or alcohol drinks allowed while racing. AND NO BAD LANGUAGE.

9. Mobile phones: - Must be used away from the control area.

10. Rig Adjustments: - Remove yacht to grassy area as launch site to be kept clear for retrieval and launching.

11. Skippers: - Any person sailing yacht other than designated skipper will be classed as a DNS.

12. Any Questions: - ???

13. “All boats in the water” The tape goes on in two minutes. Happy sailing.